Current Students

Graduate Students

Mujtaba Ghoto

Mujtaba Rafique Ghoto is a graduate researcher at the University of Missouri, where he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. With experience gained from the Defense and Automotive sectors, Mujtaba's research focuses on the exploration of state-of-the-art materials, pioneering manufacturing techniques, and their practical applications.  Mujtaba's enthusiasm for his research stems from a genuine desire to bring about tangible impacts. By fostering collaborations and nurturing interdisciplinary exchanges, Mujtaba aims to unlock the true potential of Soft Matter Materials, propelling society forward. 

Undergraduate Students

Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Biological Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia. As one of the project leads in the 3D printing club at the University, she engages in various hands-on projects while also exploring printer mechanics, maintenance, and materials. Natalie seeks to explore the connections between 3D printing and materials science, with intentions on expanding their biological applications.

William Andel

William is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He received his Associate of Applied Science in General Science with a focus in horticulture from St. Louis Community College. In the O’Bryan lab, William is currently involved in cross-disciplinary research investigating rhizospheric conditions and plant culture in soft materials. 

Ethan Wandfluh

Ethan is an undergraduate student working in our lab.